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Early Access Released!

Methods: The Canada Files Early Access has been released! Join detectives Downs, Viu, Struess, Anadyne, and Tads for the first round of Stage Four in the mysterious Canadian detective competition!

This game is a work in progress.

The Early Access release contains File 01. A Chinese translation and extra features are currently in progress. I hope to release them soon.

Let me know your thoughts so that I can continue to improve the game in future Files! Each File will add an additional $4 to the game, with a final price of $25 for the whole game. I arrived at this decision after seeing how long it took on average to complete the first File, and factoring in development time and cost. If the game ends up not taking as long to play as I thought, or I am unable to deliver on the amount of content I'm planning, then I will reevaluate this pricing plan.

Speaking of future Files, I think it is safe to announce that the next File's mystery will take place in... Montreal! ;)

Enjoy, and I'll see you in the next devlog!

— LockedOn.

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