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August 5th, 2004

Returning home after a

suspicious accident leaves her broken

and burned, Midori Kariyama finds herself pulled into the chaos of her estranged family, who are being targeted by a serial killer.

Broken Spirits is the sequel to Broken Minds. Unlike Broken Minds, Broken Spirits uses Unity as a game engine in order to bring environment exploration to a whole new level. In addition, each character will now have an in-game model.

Instead of drawn CGs, the cameras in-game will be used to create "cinematic moments", and there will be a lot of them. When you're not talking to other characters, you'll be able to explore the locations of the game in third-person. It's a bit like the Frogware Sherlock Holmes games, but with visual-novel style conversations.

The gameplay will once again feature arguing with the detectives, but in addition I'm taking a page out of Persona 3's book with "Freetime" sections that will involve the option of getting to know the other characters using a new feature called Social Trees.

Story-wise, the game is now a linear experience (no multiple parallel routes). Because of this, the YPDA subplot will be tied much more into the main story than it was in Broken Minds. (of course, there will still be secrets to uncover that are off the beaten path).

With a huge cast of characters and more mysteries to solve this time around, Broken Spirits will take the series to the next level. Stay tuned for more information.



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