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The most pleasing thing about Generation Quest for me has always been the locations. When I first began my Scratch account and launched the first iteration of this game, the 3D backgrounds were one of the biggest selling points of the game, since graphics on Scratch back then generally didn't fall in the 3D catagory.


In v2.0, there are many new backgrounds, for the first time since v1.7.

They are accompanied by a map that is much more interesting and in keeping with the style of the game than the old one.

In his quest, Gorbash comes across many interesting monsters, called Razers. In v2.0, these creatures have names and personalities. You may even feel sorry for them. Are you, in fact, playing the bad guy in this story?

With more animation, and better UI, the fights have been taken to the next level in v2.0. They could be better yet, but that would take a complete overhaul of the game.


Gorbash is a cloaked figure who has the power to equip weapons out of his magic sleeves. For years, monsters called the Razers have destroyed the land. A secret society, led by the mysterious Maztar, recruits Gorbash after a battle with a Razer.


Generation Quest is my oldest game, and with the latest version, it is now the best it can possibly be.



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