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Hovel takes place in the fantasy world of Ulnara, filled with many distinct cultures and creatures.

Kaybi is a simple villager from the Nira territory, when she stumbles upon a stranger floating in the water — Hesta. Though Kaybi doesn't know it, Hesta's arrival marks the beginning of an invasion of her village by the Ruukjaav — ruthless marauders who have conquered countless villages like Nira. However, Hesta is a master strategist, and offers her skills in order to take on what seems like certain doom. But with no weapons and nowhere to run, are good strategy and wits enough to fight back? This small battle for a village escalates until all the major territories of Ulnara are involved.

Kaybi and Hesta's dynamic is the main focus, as Kaybi's strange outlook on life and chaotic nature and the culture of the village clashes with Hesta's plans.

Hovel is a "fully-illustrated visual novel", creating a cinematic quality without all the work of full animation.




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