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When a struggling factory worker discovers a magical dollhouse that can control people, she thinks she can use it to turn her life around. But dark magic always comes with a cost.


Marion is trapped. In a miserable job at a doll factory. In a relationship that's lost its spark. She's accepted that this could be her life forever. Her only solace is making homemade dolls in the evening.

But while moving in with her boyfriend Calder, she discovers an old dollhouse in his attic, and a doll that looks just like him. Manipulating his doll moves him in real life. It turns out the dollhouse is magical, and with its dolls, you can control anyone.

Marion tries to use this creepy power to get out of her situation, but ends up only making it worse. And now that she's awoken its magic, the Pandora's box can never be shut, and horrible truths are about to be revealed.

Life of the Dolls is a full-length limited-animation animatic, using posed 3D characters to tell the story. It's sort of a "proof of concept" for a future live-action version of the movie.

This video is a showcase showing a selection of scenes from the animatic. It is a work in progress and does not reflect the final animatic.

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