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The Evolving World Parts I, II, and III originally debuted on Scratch. They have since been uploaded to YouTube. Part IV was animated in Adobe Animate, and was designed for YouTube.


Welcome to a world of bounty hunters, of organizations, of large robotic monsters and desolate landscapes...


On February 11th, 2025, the final domino in a series of world disasters fell: Catalyst 3.


The three Catalysts turned our planet into the apocalyptic wasteland it is today, and forced everyone left alive to constantly wear masks over their faces to keep out the toxic, poisonous air. Along with these new faces came new names, and new dangers.


In a world where you can't see anyone's true selves, how are you to know which side to trust? And there are a lot of sides.



After Catalyst 3, humans split into thousands of small factions, organizations that strive for certain ideals. The most prominent among them is Side2, the largest organization. The leader of Side2 is Sawbones, a doctor with questionable ethics who displays a friendly, affable nature in public, but in private will do anything to keep Side2 on top.


Blackguard is an assassin organization led by Grimalkin. It has ties to Side2 and is widely considered to be controlled by Sawbones.


ARRDO, (the ARmoRy and Defense Organization), is an organization lead by the titular Arrdo. It uses ruthless tactics and is hard at work building a mechanical army. Within ARRDO are multiple divisions, each headed by a member of the Highstander Council, a group formed specifically to govern ARRDO, with Arrdo as the commander-in-chief. ARRDO was formerly known as Scarlet Eye, and was run by Miles before Arrdo staged a mutiny and usurped Miles's position.


Humans in Hiding is an information gathering organization lead by Oliver Naut's brother Watch, otherwise known as Julio Naut. Its main purpose is to dig up as much dirt as possible on the practices of the various organizations and then sell them for high prices. This means it can afford things other organizations can't. It was formerly an organization called Cover By Night, which was run by Watch and Oliver when they were younger.


Lilah is a mysterious organization that supposedly lives underground. Nobody knows its intentions or purposes.




The Evolving World primarily concerns itself with the adventures of Oliver Naut, a cyborg who has dangerous weapons built into his body, which he uses to fight off ARRDO's giant robotic mechora, and other foes. Though Oliver is young, he's taken it upon himself to stop anyone attempting to hurt others, and protect the innocents caught up in the organizations' various conflicts.


The other main character is Namo, an ex-assassin who got roped into the business by the shady Grimalkin — the leader of Blackguard. After finally escaping that horrid lifestyle, Namo has dedicated himself to making up for the deaths he caused, and rehabilitating the other assassins to prevent more tragedy and suffering.

Finally, there's Nihility, a Blackguard assassin who is at the very top of the organization. Many consider her to be utterly irredeemable. She is extremely dangerous, unpredictable, and unstable, clinging to a nihilistic ideology as an excuse for her crimes. Can someone like this ever be part of a peaceful society?

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