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A bookish young boy named Benedict moves into a new town. His first stop is the town's library, where he stumbles on a crime investigation. May Roeca, a well-respected detective who uses a mix of sharp reasoning and hunches to solve her cases has stayed behind.


She invites Benedict to stay and take a crack at solving the mystery, which has been deemed a closed case by everyone but May.

The world is full of mysteries, and May and Benedict are determined to solve all of them. Benedict is a crime fiction enthusiast who uses his know-how and logic to solve cases, whereas May is a natural sleuth who usually arrives at an instinct before she arrives at a logical conclusion.


Pageturner is a mix of The Mysterious Benedict Society and Detective Conan. Despite the sometimes morbid subject matter, it has a cozy atmosphere, one that naturally invites mysteries.


Books are used as an aesthetic guide throughout. All the button pressing sounds in the games come from books, and in Pageturner: Something Other, a comic based on the series, many of the pages are designed to look textured instead of the normal glossy look.


Play it on Scratch or Newgrounds by clicking the icons! Completely free!



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