The world is full of mysteries, and May and Benedict are determined to solve all of them. Benedict is a crime fiction enthusiast who uses his knowhow and logic to solve cases, whereas May is a natural sleuth who usually arrives at an instinct before she arrives at a logical conclusion.


Pageturner's stories usually begin and end with a car traveling down the road. Its main theme is "moving on", which a car serves as a visual metaphor for.

I would say Pageturner is a mix of The Mysterious Benedict Society and Detective Conan. I try to create a comfortable atmosphere in each game, but also one that naturally invites mysteries. The constant sound of rain in Pageturner: Not Home is a good example of this.


I use books as an aesthetic guide throughout the series. All the button pressing sounds in the games come from books, and in Pageturner: Something Other, a comic based on the series, many of the pages are designed to look textured instead of the normal glossy look.


The first game's tone could be described as "cuter" than the second's, with its sketchy handdrawn cutscenes and light content. In the second game I went a little darker with an actual murder as the focus of the mystery and trauma, death and alcoholism as themes. I wanted to see how far I could push the characters into the real world.

A boy named Benedict moves into a small town, and his life takes an unexpected turn as he's recruited by the detective May Roeca to work as her assistant.


Both the game series and the comic spin-off are about May and Benedict's dynamic as a team.