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File 03 is Here!

Note: This update may break old saves as it contains improvements to previous Files!

In this update...

File 03

In the most intriguing mystery yet, Team Tads heads to Iqaluit to investigate a brutal murder in a museum, created by Team Nailbiter. It's the first match-up between Larika and Joane... who will win!?

Please note that the price of the game will increase after this week.

Support System

There is a new gameplay mechanic, "Support", which is very similar to "Theory", however this time you are supporting your teammate's argument with evidence instead of disproving it! There were previously Theory puzzles in File 02 which were solved by supporting statements instead of disproving them, which was inconsistent and therefore confusing — those have now been replaced with Support puzzles.

Updated Casefile

The old casefile tried to cram everything in one screen, and large sections of it were just empty space for most of the mystery. The new casefile is sleeker and tidier, with separate tabs for the case summary, bios of suspects and victims, evidence, and autopsy information.

You can now click the arrows in the corner of the photo of the crime scene to cycle between various images of the mystery as you discover them.

There's also now a little bio about each suspect and victim to refresh your memory about them, and you can click the dummy icon on their profile picture to see what they look like as dummies, making it easier to identify them.

Quick-Switching for Morale

If you're one of the players who likes to unlock the outfits, maybe you've gotten annoyed that in order to unlock those outfits, you may have ended up with certain characters hating you or liking you, and had to replay the Hangout a third time to get them back to where you wanted.

Now once you've unlocked a character's two routes in a Hangout, you can click the "Smile" or "Frown" icons to quickly switch the character to liking you or hating you!

You can also now click the shirt icon to open the Outfits menu and try on their unlocked outfit!

Smaller Improvements!

  • CG Gallery added

  • Interrogation/Theorize layout and text size updated to reduce the need for scrolling on evidence descriptions

  • Tads' hair is no longer cut off at the top when he is transitioning between standing/sitting poses

  • Scoring System readjusted

  • Autopsy minigame no longer shrinks/fades words, making it less frustrating

Enjoy File 03, and I hope you look forward to the release of Hangout Three... ;)


— LockedOn & Erabit

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