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Methods 4 Year Anniversary!

It's been four years since I completed Methods!

This was an extremely important year for Methods, as after many years of searching, I finally found and partnered with a publisher — Erabit Studios! They helped me launch the game on mobile, get merch to fans, and so much more! A big thank you to them for helping to support Methods!

And thank you as always to the fanbase for the many many fan-created works! It's so great to see!

For this anniversary, I wanted to make sure there was a meaningful update to the game. This Fourth Anniversary update has some big changes which have been requested for a while!

New Hackett, Haney and Lucha Sprites!

Hackett was the first character I drew for the game, and I never updated him, even though he looked a bit less polished than the other sprites in the game. I was still figuring out the style as I went. Because he kind of became the "face" of the game in all my promo images, I was a little worried about changing him at this point. But on the other hand, it's Hackett — so I decided to go for it. The new sprite fits in so well that maybe you don't even notice a difference!

Haney was the second character I drew, and I wanted to match her Canada Files look better, and correct some things with her outfit. She is still her aloof self as always, and I did keep the super big bulky flashlight. And now she looks more like she does in the CGs throughout the game — even when I was making the game, I was still tweaking her design.

Lucha was also one of the first sprites I created still left mostly unchanged in the game since I began working on it.

After this update, the "first sprites" will be the "latest sprites"! I hope that you like the new looks!

Text History

This is a nice Quality of Life update which was requested for some time — now instead of being able to view previous dialogue by rolling back, you can view a text history screen, easily accessible from the dialog box.

New Side Images

The awkward floating heads are gone! I replaced all the old side images with new ones which show the characters' bodies as well, just like in Canada Files.

Checkmarks on Solved Evidence

Borrowing a feature from the mobile version of Methods, checkmarks now appear when you have looked at evidence during investigations!

As a special bonus as part of the celebration, the full soundtrack to Methods has been released as one big video to YouTube and bilibili ! Now you can solve mysteries with it playing in the background! ;)

Enjoy the update, and thanks for making Methods' fourth year its most successful one yet!!

Until next time!

— LockedOn & Erabit.

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