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The Canada Files - Devlog 29

Latest Montréal progress...!

I'm pleased to say Chapter 7 is now complete. It was definitely more complicated than I thought. Now that I've completed the music tracks for the chapter, I think it really came together well. Now I can focus on the three remaining chapters — which are less complicated, but still require a lot of backgrounds. I'll be devoting my time this week to completing those backgrounds.

The Outfits feature has now been completed — File 02 will be launching with one alternative outfit set for Hangout 01 (the Casual set), and an additional outfit set will be released with File 02's Hangout.

I also spent a few days finally adding achievements to my other games on Steam — I was prevented from doing so for a while due to some glitch with Ren'Py which has now been resolved. Achievements will also be coming to Canada Files with File 02's release!

Until next time!

— LockedOn.


Get the game in Early Access here!

I've moved previews and exclusive content to Patreon so that I'll have more to post there. However, I'll still keep posting here on this blog for major news and give summaries on progress, like this one!

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