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The Canada Files - Devlog 24

Checking in again with the French Canadians!

I spent a lot of time working on commissions the past two weeks, but I've also started creating all the new characters that will be appearing in File 02. I think I may have mentioned this, but there are six suspects this time — a big step up from the two that appeared in File 01, as well as some more characters you will meet. Hopefully this will keep you guessing about who the true culprit is until it is finally revealed ;)

Designing characters is definitely one of the parts of production that I actually look forward to and enjoy. Unlike writing, I don't have to literally force myself to sit down and start working. I am still getting through the remaining commissions, but since they are stopping in July, I'm feeling a lot less burned out.

I'm hoping July will be my most productive month yet.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.


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I've moved previews and exclusive content to Patreon so that I'll have more to post there. However, I'll still keep posting here on this blog for major news and give summaries on progress, like this one!

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