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The Illusion Murders is Coming Soon!


After some consideration, we decided to launch Methods: The Illusion Murders as a free game on Steam!

The Illusion Murders is a linear mystery visual novel with some light gameplay elements. Famous detective Red July tracks down a serial killer who patterns his crimes after illusions, in one of her most notorious early cases.

As you may know, MTIM is a short five-chapter story featuring Red July which is included as free extra content in Methods: The Detective Competition. Since it's a self-contained story, we thought it'd be a wonderful way to introduce new players who haven’t purchased MTDC to the world of Methods.

This standalone version of the story features new reworked menus, and an exclusive music track "Illusions".

You can wishlist this standalone version here!

We hope you'll enjoy it!!

— LockedOn Games & Erabit Studios

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