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The Canada Files - Devlog 01

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Devlog 01

The full cast of The Canada Files has been announced, and I'm making steady progress. The game is split into six "Files", which in turn are split into five chapters apiece. So in total the game will be thirty chapters, unless my plan changes.

File 01 Progress

I would like to finish this first file by the end of the month. It's actually a completely ridiculous goal, but my hope is by setting such an ambitious goal, I'll be pushed to finish a lot more than when I'm not working towards a deadline.

Once I finish the first file, I'll be inviting patrons and Discord members to a closed beta test. The reason it's a closed beta is that I want to be sure the people who are testing the game will be able to give me detailed feedback. Then sometime after that, the game will be launched in early access on Steam and, so that everyone can read the first file.

Right now I don't have release dates for early access or the full game. But I plan on launching the closed beta sometime next month.

The reason I'm launching it in early access? It's how Methods was released, and I liked being able to put something out more frequently. It kept me motivated, and I was able to get an idea of what was working and what wasn't.

I'm still working out how to price the game. Maybe you can help! Vote in the poll below to let me know what sounds fair.

What Should the Pricing Plan Be?

  • Starting at $2.50, adding $2.50 for every file released

  • Starting at $5, adding $5 for every two files released

  • No incremental pricing, $15 the entire early access period

  • Should be free to play until all the files are released

As you perhaps already know, pricing is something I really struggle with! So I appreciate the feedback, as I try to figure out the most reasonable pricing plan.

I'm happy to say the weekly updates are back! I'll be updating you on my progress... next week!

— LockedOn.


I've moved previews and exclusive content to Patreon so that I'll have more to post there. However, I'll still keep posting here on this blog for major news and give summaries on progress, like this one!

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