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Phantom Limb Announced!

I'm pleased to finally announce the secret project I was working on during Pageturner 3's development and at the very beginning of this year — Phantom Limb.

It's an atmospheric supernatural story about the ties between a man and a mysterious house — and the murder that takes place there.

Phantom Limb is a collaborative effort between myself and DWaM. DWaM writes novellas and short stories and produces them at an alarming rate. You can find his work here:

He reached out to me on Twitter, and I suggested collaborating on something. I was looking to test myself by releasing a game made in Unity before I started work on Broken Spirits, since making a 3D game is on a very different level than a simple 2D visual novel. Writing is often the hardest part of making a project for me, so I thought teaming up with a writer on a Telltale-style-interactive-novel-type-thing would be a smart choice.

And it was! DWaM agreed and jumped right into it. He came up with a whole plot summary overnight and wrote a ton of material in an impressively short amount of time. I made a few suggestions here and there but this story is really a DWaM story — brought to 3D life by yours truly.

Initially I had a super optimistic prediction for how long it would take me to create the game (I said it'd take a month and a half — HA HA HA!). Needless to say, I vastly underestimated how much was actually there to implement, and I didn't anticipate being so drained from working on Pageturner 3 and the Methods translation. We also decided to revise the dialogue and story after I'd implemented all the scenes. Right now implementing those revisions is the majority of the work I have left to do before Phantom Limb can be released.

The plan right now is to work on it after finishing Catalyst Wake.

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