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Methods 3 Year Anniversary!

Three years have come and gone since I completed Methods — which is strange. It feels like it hasn't been that long, and yet so much has happened.

Glad to see that the fanbase for the game is still so lively, posting many artworks everyday!

I'm currently hard at work on File 02 of Methods: The Canada Files. The project has increased in scope quite a bit from when I first announced it one year ago, and each file is taking me quite a while to complete. That's because I've raised the quality bar pretty significantly from Methods — it takes much more time to create these more complicated mysteries, and I don't have a novel that I'm adapting this time, which helped a lot for the first half of Methods' development!

This anniversary comes with a much-needed update to Methods that I've had on my to-do list for a while: a revamped chapters menu!

This is actually the reworked chapters menu from the mobile version repurposed for the PC version. The colors pop a lot more. I'm no longer collecting all the Game-master chapters into one screen — in hindsight that ended up being more confusing. They now appear as you'd expect them to.

There is also now a little thumbnail showing an image from the chapter when you hover over it. That may help jog your memory about what happens in the chapter, when you're replaying the game! :)

Speaking of the mobile version, we ran into issues with how Ren'Py handles memory, which unfortunately put that project on hold. I am still hoping to release it at some point, but don't have any details on a timeline for that right now.

Lastly, for the anniversary, Methods will be on sale soon (can't give details yet because of Steam guidelines. But it will be soon).

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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