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LockedOn 12 Year Anniversary

It's that time of year again! LockedOn Games is now 12 years old! It feels like the last anniversary was not that long ago at all. The years sure are moving by faster.

Since the last anniversary, Methods: The Canada Files was launched in early access. It was my most successful game launch yet, and I'm glad people are enjoying it. It's taking more time to finish than I thought, due to the added complexities in story and gameplay.

I also reopened art commissions for the first time in a while, and while they were open, I illustrated over 50 commissions! So it was a very busy first half of the year for me.

Though I don't have any major announcements for this anniversary, there are still some exciting things coming in the second half of the year!

First Look at File 02!

The next big release is The Canada Files File 02: Montréal. The full release of all Files will probably extend into 2024, given the amount of time it's taken to get the first two Files done.

File 02's release will include new extras, including the music room and a brand new feature called Outfits.

Outfits are exactly what they sound like — you can change what characters are wearing in the game! You unlock a character's outfits by playing through both the "good" and "bad" Hangout routes for the character. Please note that outfit changes will not affect CGs and certain sections of the game.

The outfit set releasing with File 02 is called "Casual". What do the detectives wear when they're at home?

File 02 is currently on track to release in August.

Methods Merch is Coming!

For a long time fans have been asking for official Methods merch, and I'm pleased to say that it's now in the works. For now, the merch will only be available in China.

As you may already know, a Red July plushie is currently in production! If it goes well, other characters may be getting a plushie too. The Red July plushie will likely become available in a few months, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.

And now I can officially confirm that yes, we're bringing back the keychains!

Other Updates!

In case you were wondering about those other projects I announced before...

Methods for Mobile current status: ON HOLD

I've found a publisher who I'm talking with about it, but they are tied up in many other projects at the moment, which means that it's stalled until they become available, unless another publisher swoops in to help me out.

Catalyst Wake Chinese Translation: ON HOLD

Because the main priority right now is Canada Files, this translation is on hold. But I haven't forgotten about it!

That's all the news I have for now! Here's to another year of games! ;)

Until next time!

— LockedOn

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