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Hangout Three is Here!

Happy Canada Day! Hangout Three has finally been added to the game in both English and Chinese! Just like File 03, the length of this Hangout is between the length of the first two, at about 7k words.

With Hangout Three comes the new Winter Outfit set. Protect Team Tads from the harsh cold of the Great White North by playing through the new Hangouts!

There are also some quality of life improvements in this update:

  • Final Score now includes Support puzzles

  • Theory/Interrogation puzzles now display how many evidence items you have currently selected

  • Replay Hangout Intro feature added

  • Text History quick access added to dialog box

  • New "Items Unlocked" screen for Files 01 & 02 when you first complete them

  • And more!

Have fun with the new Hangout and outfits, and thanks for playing! Coming up next: File 04.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.


Get the game in Early Access here!

I've moved previews and exclusive content to Patreon so that I'll have more to post there! Check it out by clicking the image below!

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