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Goodbye Scratch

Well, I've posted my final Scratch Games Update.

For years I used to post these updates consistently on Scratch. They were a lot of work, and usually contained behind the scenes, lore, quizzes and polls, and additional materials that would help supplement my games. With the release of Catalyst Wake, my "Scratch chapter" is truly now closed. As you can see I ended it with Update 9.0, which means I released 90 Games Updates in total!

But with the end of the Scratch updates, comes the next phase. Something I have wanted to do for a while now is move the updates over to YouTube, as videos. YouTube is the more typical way to deliver updates. My concern with that was the same as it was with Patreon — that I didn't have enough content to make videos. I was already struggling to come up with images to put alongside my written articles.

However, with upcoming games like Broken Spirits, which is in 3D and so is a lot easier to make visuals for, I should be able to have something to put in the background. I could also do what many artists do and put up footage of myself drawing or making things in 3D. Ideally, it would be like the Games Updates I used to make on Scratch, but in video form. Maybe I'll even have an obnoxious rantsona. Anyway, I'll figure it out!

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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