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Full Chinese Translation of Methods Released

The full Chinese translation of Methods has finally been released!

This project went at lightning speed, and was completed in a little over a month. Though the biggest news here is the full translation, this version of Methods not only has additional bug/typo fixes for the English version, but two new extras — the requested character design gallery and title gallery, and it turns out there was a missing interview as well, which has been added. So whether you want to read the Chinese version or not, it's worth downloading this new version!

Now I'd like to give the opportunity for the Master Translators of the game to say a few words about the making of the Chinese version.

Listera says...

We really finished this whole localization project in only a month??? This must be the most amazing thing I've been through!

As the one that has initiated this project, I'd like to thank every volunteer that has joined us. It was your contribution that turned impossibility to possibility. Of course, I'd love to deliver my deepest gratitude to Vita and Whisky, who has accompanied me all the way through this marathon translation project. Without you and your devotion, I couldn’t possibly complete the Chinese version of Methods: The Detective Competition on my own, or with such high quality and efficiency.

Hope you all enjoy Methods in Chinese!

p.s. I'm working on something called How To Write Conver's Anagram and When to Quit Writing It, should be out very soon, hope you'll like it.

Vita says...

I'm very honored to have worked on this project with my best friends! It was such an amazing experience - turns out collabs can be fun and super productive as well!

One of the most attractive aspect of the game is the title screen designs, and I'm so happy to see them having their own gallery now! With the help of Mr. LockedOn, we managed to translate all of the 100 title cards. I'm still amazed at the sheer quantity and quality of them, and I wish you can appreciate them along with the rest of the game as well!

Hope you enjoy the jokes and stuff, and don't remember to click on the "Rope on a Stick" in Chapter 77!

Whisky says...

I've invested all my music theory knowledge in this localization project already, ha!

Also there were times when I teared up right away as I'm translating the part when my favorite character got framed into her failure. I guess it was truly a project that we've invested our time and emotions in.

Jokes aside though, a lot of things are going on in the world out there, but there's us chatting about the translation, or life in general, through the voice chat, from different parts of the world and time zones. These were the things that made this summer truly special for me.

Hope you guys enjoy the Chinese version of Methods, GLHF!


Working with them was great, easily the best experience I've had working on Methods. Though I can't read Chinese, I know that their translation of the game is not only representative of the source material, but elevates it, because of the passion they brought to the project. Every step of the way they demonstrated that they knew the characters inside and out, and understood completely what my vision of the game is.

I hope you enjoy the translation!


— LockedOn.

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