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File 02 is Here!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

File 02 has been released into Early Access, and the price will increase on Oct 6th, so you will be able to get File 02 at the current price for this week!

It took a long time, but File 02 has been written, modeled, composed, designed, implemented, tested, and translated — and now is finally in Early Access!

Please note that this update may break your saves, because I've added new systems to File 01.

Speaking of that, this update to the game comes with a few new features and improvements, not just in File 02, but File 01 as well!


As a reward for completing Hangouts, you now unlock outfits for Team Tads. Hangout One's outfit set, "Casual", is now included! More outfit sets will be released with later Hangouts.


The Hangouts now get a special menu where you can see which routes you've unlocked, and navigate to the different Hangouts in the future.

Scoring System

Both File 01 and File 02 have a new scoring system with rank "S" as the highest and "F" as the lowest. See how you score!

Hearts System

I've implemented a hearts system to the Interrogation and Theorize puzzles. Every incorrect answer loses a heart. If you run out of hearts, you get the chance to "Auto-fill" the correct answer.

Viu Minigame Updates

I've implemented feedback from players about Viu's minigame. Now areas "focus" to highlight where you can find eyes. It makes the minigame a lot easier, especially for people who for some reason play the game with a trackpad instead of a mouse (kudos to you for dealing with that), and hopefully encourages more careful searching as opposed to randomly roaming your mouse around.

Music Room

The music room is here! Listen to the soundtrack in-game, now with functionality to scrub through the track or pause it.*


Achievements have now been added to the game!

Smaller Improvements!

  • The evidence the dummy is being asked about now appears on screen

  • "Correct!" sound effect for when you submit the right evidence in Interrogations, select the right toxins in Anadyne's minigame, and as positive feedback for positive answers in Hangouts.

  • Dummy icon now marks dummy interrogations

  • Dummies will now be "locked" until you have found the evidence you need for their interrogation, so that you waste less time backtracking

  • Added casefile summaries

  • The amount of evidence you need to select for an Interrogation/Theorize puzzle is now simply a UI element, instead of the characters awkwardly discussing it in the hint.

  • In Chapter 4, Larika will now only say she "almost submitted the wrong answer" if the player did in fact choose to submit the incorrect answer.

  • Fixed Anadyne's bio.

Thanks for supporting the Early Access! With your feedback, I've been able to make improvements to the game.

Enjoy File 02, and see you soon for the release of Hangout Two... ;)


— LockedOn.

* Thanks to the Ren'Py Universal Player by GanstaKingofSA

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