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Fan-made Methods Merch/Content Guidelines

Updated: May 5, 2022

Hello! This post is for anyone who wants to know whether it's okay to create or sell fan merchandise based on "Methods" (or any of my other games for that matter). I am always happy to see anyone creating fan material based on my work and want to encourage that as much as possible, while also preventing myself from being exploited. So here's what I came up with!

- Making fan toys/games/fiction/art etc. for personal use, for selling in limited runs (under 100 units), or for sharing images of online is fine — you do not have to ask for my permission (though I'd love to know about it!)

- Mass-producing and distributing items over 100 units requires notifying me and obtaining my permission. Describe in as much detail as you can what the item you're selling is, how many units you're going to order, and where you are going to sell them (which digital marketplaces, which retail stores, which conventions, etc). You can contact me at to let me know. I reserve the right to request that you not sell certain items, but I will probably say yes in the vast majority of cases.

— Make clear that any items you're selling are unofficial and fan-made, and not related to or authorized by LockedOn Games. Do not use the "LockedOn Games" name/logo (or a lookalike, such as calling yourself "LockOn" with a different skull icon or something like that).

— Do not use the official Methods logo. However, I do have a special "unofficial" Methods logo that you can incorporate into your fan merch in some way, in white and black variants (this is not required, but I thought it would be fun). You can alter the color of this logo to fit your design better, but please do not remove or obscure the word "Unofficial", for obvious reasons.

— Don't sell items with images (like character sprites or backgrounds) ripped from the game or Press Kit or from official Methods merchandise. Using/modifying them in non-profit fan art or in videos (even if the video makes ad revenue) is OK.

— Making and selling a fan game that does not use any assets (like character sprites, backgrounds, code, or music) from "Methods" does not require my permission. Making and selling a fan game that does use assets from "Methods" requires my permission. If you make a non-profit fan game, you do not require my permission even if you use assets from the game. I just ask that in all instances you make clear the game is unofficial and fan-created.

— Streaming the game or using video of the game in any way is totally fine.

— I reserve the right to update this policy at any time and for any reason.

Example wording for descriptions of fan-created products: This product is fan-created and not endorsed or created by LockedOn Games.

If you have any very specific questions that aren't addressed here, you can email me at or contact me on Twitter.

I stole most of this from Supergiant Games's fan merchandise policy, my thanks and acknowledgement to them for the resource.

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