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Catalyst Wake Released!

The Evolving World: Catalyst Wake is now available to play on! It will be coming to Steam on February 10th.

A big thank you to Anjali Kunapaneni for their casting and voice direction on this project, and the entire cast for their wonderful performances. It really means a lot to me to​ see these characters I made up when I was a teenager brought to life, there's truly nothing better.

I recommend downloading it through the app for the best experience, as sometimes people experience issues launching Ren'Py games downloaded directly from the site.

I'm super glad to have finally finished this — and in 2021, right before the New Year. I hope you look forward to the extra content that will be added to the game within the next few weeks!

I'll be adding:

- Character Bios

- Behind-The-Scenes Articles

- Music Room

- Mechora Gallery

- Character Gallery

and more!

However, I will not be adding a CG gallery to the game. There are 1289 CGs in the game, so that would be a nightmare.

I may also make changes to the main menu and credits. However, the "main content" of the game is all in there, and I even managed to finish the developer commentary and scene selection already.

Now that The Evolving World and Pageturner are done, it really feels like the proper end to my Scratch era. But I'll be making one final Games Update on Scratch to truly cap it off — and I just might sneak a few exclusive surprises in there!

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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