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Catalyst Wake Extras Released!

Catalyst Wake now has all the extra content that I'd originally planned to be in the game on release, as well as a few other tweaks.

There are now character bios for everyone — even a few unexpected characters! Each bio has custom artwork of the character, plus stats and other information, and an animated personality pie chart!

I've also included every single TEW comic ever released, right there in the game! They are rather old though, so the artwork isn't amazing or anything. But now you'll have more context if you haven't read them, and it's nice to have everything packaged together like this.

The Mechora and Character Galleries let you rotate the characters in 3D. It was something I wanted to do because the characters are traced from 3D models — so I can get perfectly accurate angles! Still, it took all day to draw everything for this.

The extras menu also includes six behind-the-scenes articles, which are all fairly long, going into detail on various aspects of the game, and music room, which contains the full soundtrack. If you want to listen to the soundtrack without having to open up the game, there's now the option to purchase it for an additional $3.

The soundtrack is also available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

These extras unlock in stages after completing each chapter. If you've already played through some or all the chapters, you should be able to access all the extras immediately after downloading the update. If not — simply use the scene selection to jump to the last scene in order to unlock them. However, it's using persistent variables that were already active in the previous build, so there should be no issues.

The other big change is that the credits have been extended with a longer sequence showcasing each cast member, with custom art and a new music track.

So basically, Catalyst Wake is now finished... again! With this content now in place, I can finally feel comfortable moving on to my other projects.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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