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Methods is Done — Now What?

Methods is done! And now that it's complete, I can begin the process of fixing bugs, revising it, and then launching it on Steam. But with Methods done, it's time to focus on my other projects again — and this time, I promise there isn't some new project about to spring out of the woodwork, derail my plans, and take everyone by surprise. The rest of 2020 will be spent working on two projects which have been in development a very long time: Pageturner 3 and The Evolving World: Catalyst Wake. Why not Broken Spirits? A few reasons. Both PT3 and TEWCW are projects from my Scratch days. Almost a decade ago I started posting projects on Scratch, and while I was able to deliver on some of the projects that I wanted to make there (Generation Quest, Pageturner, Pageturner 2, Little Yaga), I had to cancel a few of them (Generation Quest 2, War of Kings) I never completed the story of The Evolving World, one of my most popular projects, and I never completed the Pageturner trilogy. For personal and symbolic reasons, I feel like focusing on finally finishing those two projects should be top priority. 2021 will mark a full decade since I launched "LockedOn" on Scratch — and I think it would be really cool if, by July of 2021, I had finished both PT3 and Catalyst Wake. Once those two projects are complete, I will no longer be developing projects for Scratch, as it is not a powerful enough engine. That is when I will begin production on Broken Spirits in earnest. "LockedOn" is kind of an ill-fitting name for the kinds of projects I aspire to make. It sounds a little militaristic, and there are a lot of things called "LockedOn" that have nothing to do with me. That's why, after I'm finished with Scratch projects, "LockedOff" and "LockedOn" will switch places, basically. Right now, this website is called "LockedOn" and "LockedOff" is sort of a side brand — not the main event. That will flip, and "LockedOff" will become the main brand, with the "LockedOn" brand for old projects of mine and occasional lighthearted content. After a lot of introspection, I've decided to continue to develop Pageturner 3 on Scratch, despite my annoyances with the engine, and the possibility of running out of space in the project. I want to be able to close the book on Scratch properly, and make sure that fans of Pageturner are able to experience the entire trilogy on one platform. Catalyst Wake will continue to be developed with Ren'Py for eventual release on (it will not be coming to Steam). There are some lessons I learned about production from Methods that I'm continuing into Pageturner 3. One is that I will be breaking up Pageturner 3 into scenes, and finishing around two scenes a week, continuing the "marathon" mentality of Methods. But there's another factor, which is "accountability". I do not think I will be able to release Pageturner 3 as I go along — we will see. The game has three "chapters" which could potentially be places to release the game, but it's a little dicey. For now, my plan is to release mini-updates every week of development on Scratch explaining my progress — that's where the audience for the game is, so that's the best place to hold me accountable and also to build momentum for the eventual release of the game. I'm hoping that will have the same effect on me as the "Releases" did — a boost of motivation every time I got something out. As for Catalyst Wake, I will be increasing the production value of the game to meet my higher standards. More details on that soon, but basically, it will be a lot like watching a fully animated episode. But that's a much trickier project to plan out, and a lot of things are still up in the air, so I'll have to save that analysis for another day. For the moment, though, I need a bit of a break. So I won't start my Pageturner 3 "marathon" until June. During May, I plan to finish setting Methods up on Steam, hopefully update Broken Minds with some things I've been planning for a while, and start planning Pageturner 3 — maybe implementing a few things, getting back into the rhythm of working with Scratch, before I begin my marathon. So for now, here's my schedule for 2020: MAY - Broken Minds update JUNE - OCTOBER Pageturner 3 NOVEMBER - ? Catalyst Wake Best, — LockedOn.

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