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Little Yaga Got Curated, and More News!

I'm happy to announce that Little Yaga got curated by sillystrawberry!

Thanks sillystrawberry — it's certainly receiving a lot of attention!

A lot's changed on Scratch. I've had a few projects curated in the past, but I don't recall seeing this many comments before. I've already gotten over two hundred notifications about it.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how many comments it's gotten, because Scratch no longer tells you (at least, to my knowledge).

Anyway, the outpouring of support has been very encouraging, so thanks to everyone who left a nice comment — and to those who left mean comments, too! (there was only one person so far, but I don't want them to feel left out).

Now, you may be wondering, "Where's the update this month?"

Currently, I have two articles written out of three. What's making it a bit difficult to put together is that my computer mouse has gotten really spotty. Sometimes the cursor just freezes on the screen, and when I click and drag it "lets go" without me taking my finger off the button. So yeah, it's bad and I'm probably going to have to go buy a new mouse.

This problem with my mouse is also affecting my work on Broken Spirits. This month I was modeling a character a day and putting them into Unity. It was going pretty well, and now I have seven characters modeled (they aren't really finalized yet, but they're good enough to use when roughly planning out the game).

As you can imagine, having your mouse freeze makes the modeling process extremely frustrating, so it's on hold for now.

Hopefully I can get the update out before February, so be on the lookout!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

— LockedOn, 2019

UPDATE: Turns out Scratch does show you how many comments a project has — just not on the project page itself. So far Little Yaga has 184 comments.

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