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New Game "Little Yaga" Released!

Click this image to play the game!

Surprise! It's a brand new Scratch game!! Yes, the secret is finally out! Little Yaga is a point-and-click puzzle game based on the Russian folklore character Baba Yaga. It's a fairly short game (if you're good with point-and-click puzzles, otherwise it's potentially a very long game). There are two endings, "good" and "bad", and some secrets to find. Iskra's mother is sick, and the only person around with a cure potent enough to save her is the witch Baba Yaga. Complete Yaga's puzzles, but be careful — if you behave too selfishly, you might get trapped forever. I hope you enjoy Little Yaga — and perhaps there will be more short projects like this in the future! I released the original soundtrack for free here:

This website has been updated with new information about the game as well! I'm holding back on saying too much about it, because that's what the article in Games Update 8.8 is going to be all about. Until then! — LockedOn.

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