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Broken Minds Wiki + Minor Update + Steam News!

I finally got around to changing the name of the teapot, which is an incredibly minor change, I know. I also fixed some small spelling errors that slipped by me somehow — "nostaglia"?? But anyway, I have other, better news, which is that I have created a wiki for the series. You can find it here: I thought it would be useful, as things will get even more complicated in the sequels to come, and I've always enjoyed making wikis. It's already helping me as a resource for remembering what I'm doing.

The wiki covers both Broken Minds and Broken Egg, and I've also sneaked in some exclusive behind-the-scenes information and clues. I don't feel like enough people have played the game for me to go and spoil everything about it, but I do have most of the full plot up there, including the true endings, so if you were curious, go ahead and look. I'm also pleased to say that the Steam launch is finally going smoothly, and it could be released as soon as next month. It's currently in the "pending" state, but I've tested both Mac and Windows versions and they seem to work! Now that the Steam release is mostly secured, I can stop thinking about the game, (unless someone contacts me about a horrid game-breaking bug). I haven't forgotten Pageturner 3, and I'm pretty close to finishing the second floor of the office. After that, I'll only have a few environments left, and then all the work will be in the writing and UI. — LockedOff.

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