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Broken Minds — Update 1.6!

A different version of this post is on my page.

With this update, Broken Minds finally does not contain a copyright-infringing Astro Boy teapot. It's kind of a shame, but on the other hand, I replaced it with everyone's favorite cat, the Ochikomu Neko! Not only that, but while I was at it, I updated the YPDA background to have visible ceiling fixtures. It was something that probably nobody noticed or cared about, but I did it anyway. One other thing I did was update the demo version to not only have these new backgrounds, but to have the new save/load screen as well! (The music room is not available in the demo, however). So you can check it out without any damage to your wallet. I've also updated the Player's Guide to include extremely detailed directions for exactly what you have to do to progress in the game, so if you're ever really stuck, you can fall back on that. And lastly, I have two important announcements! I'm currently working on bringing the game to Game Jolt. I don't know exactly when it'll be up, but maybe within the week. And, even better, I'm very close to releasing Broken Egg, a 40-page companion "light novel" of sorts that I've completed, which will be included with Broken Minds. I want to make a special Games Update featuring it, so that'll be coming soon. I just need to figure out what else to write about.

Stay tuned! — LockedOn.

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