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Broken Minds (And Broken Egg) Now on Game Jolt!

Just a quick follow up on my last post! (First time I've posted twice in a day, sorry, don't mean to spam anyone...)

Click the banner to go to Broken Minds's Game Jolt page, or, alternatively, you can buy it right within this post, using this handy widget!

I held off so long on releasing the game on multiple sites because updating the game becomes much trickier when you have to upload builds. And I'm already running into this problem: I want to fix one tiny thing, which is the name of the cat mascot character I came up with, "Ochikomu Neko". The new name is "Utsu Neko", which is more colloquial. However, it's too minor a change to warrant building all the new versions of the full game and the demo in Ren'py, which takes about two hours, roughly, then expanding the .zip files of the Windows and Mac versions and re-compressing them (I do that because for some reason the .zip files Ren'py makes by itself don't work properly, plus the Utsu Neko icon doesn't show up on the Mac app unless I apply it myself, which means uncompressing the zip), which takes another two hours. And now that I have to upload to both itch AND Game Jolt, the uploading process takes easily another two hours, maybe three. So we're looking at six hours just to adjust the name of a cat mascot that is mentioned ONCE in the entirety of the game.

So now some news that's more fun — I'm happy to announce that anyone who purchases the game on Game Jolt will have early access to Broken Egg! I'm currently working on a new Games Update to officially announce it, which is when purchasers will get access to it. That will only take me maybe a day or two to pull together, but still, it's a slight head start. So yay!

— LockedOn.

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