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February 6th Progress Report

Whoops, this site is looking a little abandoned. Sorry about that. I forgot to update it when the last Games Update came out:

Anyway, what have I been doing? Not much. I've been a bit lazy these past few days, but I did manage to mostly complete Broken Minds's flowchart — it's not all the way implemented yet, though, and I want to also create a music room for the game (where you can listen to the soundtracks), before I update it on itch. But one cool thing about that particular update is that once I've finished implementing it, I will begin work on finally launching the game on Steam. Oh and, Broken Egg just needs illustrations, as I've finished revising it.

But enough about Broken Minds, it's a four-month-old game! What have you done on Pageturner 3? Well, really not much. Just a tiny bit of writing and some of the musical score.

I've mostly been working on my secret animated project. I really want to announce it, but at the same time, it's not fully formed yet, by a long shot.

However, here's a cool image that you may enjoy:

It's a render of Pageturner 3's police station hub background, but in a manga-background style! It was part of a few tests I made to try to come up with a better way to seamlessly integrate 3D with 2D. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to use this technique, which involves rendering a toon-shaded image and blending it with a flat-texture image, but I kind of like how it looks.

Anyway, because I have zero Pageturner 3 or Catalyst Wake news, there won't be a Games Update this month. Sorry.

— LockedOn, 2018.

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