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Broken Minds Got Greenlit!

Something incredible just happened! Broken Minds got Greenlit! Pretty soon after Steam Greenlight shut down, too, which I guess makes it one of the last games to be Greenlit! I’m sorry for all the exclamation marks, I just didn’t actually expect it to happen. So yeah, this is pretty incredible. When I first launched the game, I was a little disappointed, mostly because I didn’t want to “put it out there” too early, and I was worried about jumping the gun while it was still in development. However, it seems my worries were for nothing. It’s pretty incredible that my game got this far — now all I need to do is finish it, so that’s what I will be devoting my time to from now on. Unfortunately, this means turning off my web browser, and setting aside another project that I’ve been tinkering with in favor of a full-focus approach. I actually have a deadline: November 1st, 2017. Why? Because November 1st, 1992 is the date the game starts on, so it seems appropriate. However, I happen to also have a commission to work on in the meantime — it’s a soundtrack for another visual novel. So I will be splitting my time up between working on that and Broken Minds until both are complete. :) I hope I get this done in time! — LockedOn.

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