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TEW Issue 2 Now on Scratch!

It's been a while — more than two years — since I first made this comic, but now it's finally on Scratch, along with a new image of Nihility and a music track I composed just for this release.

I also included Nihility's origin comic as a bonus. Now all of the LockedOn comics are available to read on Scratch, which is pretty great.

Right now I'm hard at work on four different LockedOn/LockedOff projects, alternating between them throughout the day. This approach actually helps keep the older stuff more interesting, as I'm applying the creative momentum I gain from the newer projects to working on Broken Minds and Catalyst Wake, both of which I've been working on since 2015.

I hope I finish one of these projects soon, but until then, it's back to work.

— LockedOn, 2017

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