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Games Update 8.3 + News!

A new Update has stomped your way and hid itself under your bridge! Click the image to see it with your very own eyeballs!

In other news, I released a very special video on my YouTube page on January 1st.

It's my first-ever 360 video, and it was pretty tough to create. In the actual game, turning around will not be as smooth as it is in this video, because Ren'Py doesn't have a way for me to map an image onto a 3D sphere, something that is very simple in all 3D-based game engines.

However, if I was making Broken Minds in a 3D engine, it would be fully 3D, and not just an image.

Maybe that will be a special add-on I create in the future! That'd be kind of fun, right?

Anyway, I'm off to go convert Something Other for Scratch. After that, more Broken Minds!

See ya,

— LockedOn.

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