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The New Site


Hello, welcome to the new LockedOn Blog. I chose Wix because it allows greater customization over the templates, so I can provide an incredibly specific LockedOn experience for people who want to learn more about what I do!

Don't worry, the old blog isn't going away, it's just not going to be updated any longer. Look here for future posts instead, and reaquaint yourself with The Evolving World, Pageturner and Generation Quest through my new project-specific pages! It's like the LockedOn Compendium, but with even more content!

I worked really hard to ensure that this is the best place to view my projects. Think of it as a hub for everything LockedOn-related. There's stuff for old fans and newcomers alike — images from The Evolving World Part 4 2/2, Pageturner 2, Pageturner: Something Other and Generation Quest 2.0 that I've never shown anywhere else before, as well as detailed plot synopsis for all of TEW's installments and new embedded videos that go behind the scenes!


-- LockedOn

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