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Website Changes

Time for some housekeeping!

For a long time I've felt that there was a cleaner way to organize my site, and yesterday I finally got around to doing it.

Instead of having entirely separate sections for Pageturner and The Evolving World clogging up the menu, I've now combined the Pageturner and Pageturner: The Unexpected pages, and the The Evolving World and The Evolving World Animations pages. That let me simply add Pageturner to the Games section, and now I can build out an Animations section with The Evolving World.

You can find links to the behind the scenes pages for Not Home and The Final Nail on their respective pages.

When I first made the site, having those be separate sections made sense — it was still close to my "Scratch Era", and those are the main projects I was known for. But now that projects like Methods are at the forefront, and my Scratch Era is over, I should be putting newer projects front and center instead.

The other change I made is that there is no longer a LockedOff section. There was a time when I thought I would be changing "LockedOn" to "LockedOff". But I've actually realized that I need to do the opposite. There isn't a need to distinguish "darker" projects from my other projects through branding anymore — it's another holdover from being on Scratch, and I think it mostly just resulted in confusion about what to call me. So I will be phasing out "LockedOff" going forward.

I've also finally added a page for Life of the Dolls. Now that I've settled on a visual style, and created various assets, it was pretty easy to put together!

I think that's everything I changed — I'm debating whether to separate Games into two sections: Games and Visual Novels, just because its a bit of a long list. But I really like having those three categories, it matches the subheading of the site, and just looks clean.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.


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