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Hangouts Released!

For the past month I have been working on an exciting new feature. And now it's available to play in English and Chinese!

This feature is called "Hangouts", a way to chat with your teammates and find out more about them. Make the right choices and you'll boost their morale — improving the mood of Team Tads! Make the wrong choices, and you'll damage their morale.

Hangouts are available in the Extras menu, which will unlock after you complete Chapter 5.

The Hangouts are affected by who you voted for in Chapter 4. However, because the game is in early access and new builds may interfere with old ones, you might need to cast the vote again to see how it affects the Hangouts.

Have fun discovering this new feature!

There are also many other small improvements and features. In addition to the Hangouts, I we've added the Bios menu to the game too, which is a big upgrade from the bios in the first game. You can now see character's age, height, and more information.

You can also find it in the extras menu.

The other extras will be added to the game in the coming months.


— LockedOn.

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