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Hangout Two is Here!

The wait is over! Hangout Two has now been added to the game in both English and Chinese! This new Hangout is longer, with about 9k words.

Though the Hangouts are optional, they have lots of hints about what's to come, so I encourage you to check them out.

I hope you will enjoy spending time with Team Tads and learning even more about them!

With Hangout Two comes a new Outfit set, themed appropriately for the upcoming holiday... Halloween outfits! You can now play the game with Robot Larika, Spider Struess, Plague Doctor Anadyne, Mummy Viu and Wizard Tads!

And in other news —

Methods: The Detective Competition is expected to be available for Pre-registration on October!

To celebrate these two huge developments, from October 23rd to the 30th, most LockedOn games are discounted at a historic price — so if you've been waiting to get the games, now's a great time!!😊

Have fun with the new Hangout and outfits, and thanks for playing! Coming up next: File 03.

Until next time!

— LockedOn & Erabit

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