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December 2020 Update

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hello! It's been a while since my last blog post, so here's what's going on.

I'm currently about 90% finished with the secret project. I'm optimistic about finishing it this month. Like Pageturner 3, I'm measuring my progress by splitting it into scenes. Once all the scenes are complete, I'll still need to do some further polishing, play-testing, stuff like that.

Hopefully I'll be able to give out more details soon, since saying "secret project" over and over is a bit confusing, especially since I've had multiple "secret projects" over the past few years.

Actually if you look at my New Years announcement post on the Methods page, you'll see I had an entirely different secret project listed there. That idea has been shelved since then, maybe I'll bring it out for a NaNoRenO or something in the future.

I've been a bit exhausted recently, but it comes and goes. Right now, I'm full of energy. I will say that I'm really looking forward to working on Catalyst Wake. Over the past three months, I've fleshed out the story and characters much more, and the outlines for the sequel stories are complete.

It's been really interesting writing a story with a more serious, action-oriented approach. I think where it ends up going is really cool.

I'm happy to announce that animation will be featured in Catalyst Wake as well, in form of short cutscenes highlighting very important moments. I'm basically making it as close to experiencing a fully animated show as I can reasonably pull off.

So far I've done a bunch of experimenting on that front, and I've developed a new workflow for animation, which I'm very happy with, and I'm excited to share more details, but that will have to wait.

I hope I'll be able to work on it this month — there's a lot to do! And on top of everything else I'm already doing, I want to make sure to throw a bone to Methods fans as well, since that game has gotten more attention than anything I've ever done.

Until next time,

— LockedOn.

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