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Catalyst Wake - Update 34

Well after last week's somewhat depressing post, here's a much more exciting one!

I completed 54 CGs this week, bringing the total CGs in Masks to 314.

Of course, because I did the action scenes first, it doesn't take nearly as long to play as the other two yet, despite having almost as many CGs. I will be continuing to work on the trickiest scenes first, and saving the easy scenes for the end of the month.

These next two weeks will be super busy, because I'm going to really try to get the rest of the CGs done with a 2 week buffer for my release date.

In other news, I have switched from Buy Me a Coffee to Patreon. Posting on BMC every week was a good exercise, and now I'm confident I'll be able to consistently upload stuff.

I'm also launching the official LockedOn Games discord tomorrow. I've gotten requests for one for a while, and I was hesitant because I didn't want it to take up too much of my time. But on the other hand, it's a better use of my time than browsing Twitter which is my number one distraction.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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