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Catalyst Wake - Update 32

This past week, I finally reached the 1000 CG milestone. To be more specific, there are now 1012 CGs in Catalyst Wake. Now, quantity isn't an indication of quality by any means. However, when I started this project, I wanted to make a rather high number of CGs, and in the back of my mind, the 1000 CG goal was always something I wanted to hit.

Mist contains 385 CGs, Summit contains 346 CGs, and so far Masks contains 267 CGs.

I would've reached it sooner, but I've been procrastinating a lot ever since completing the Final Battle scene. We're less than 12 days away from December. I haven't stayed on task, but I'm really hoping that will change in the last stretch — and it probably will!

If I know anything about myself it's that the beginning and end of a project are always the most productive. It's that middle slog — which is ALWAYS longer than you think it will be — that's the tricky part.

If worse comes to worst, I can always release the game without the extra content, and patch it in later. Which is pretty likely, considering sound, voices, and music will take me two weeks at least.

This past week, I finished the set-ups and sketches for a little 15 CG scene. Unfortunately that's all I got done. However, I'm determined to do much more in this final 12 days of November — another intensive that will get me much closer to my goal.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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