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Catalyst Wake - Update 31

Hello again! I'm back at it with the CGs again, currently working on the first scene in Masks. It's a big relief that I already finished the biggest scene, as the other scenes aren't nearly as long, and as I complete more and more of them, I'm hoping that will create a "motivation snowball" effect as each one becomes easier to make.

There are some particularly interesting scenes in Masks that I can't wait to make, but this first scene is a "walking and talking" scene. Talking scenes are usually a bit tedious to make, but at least they're easy. "Walking and talking" scenes are tedious and difficult, because you have to move the characters through the environment as they're talking — so reposing legs, and moving cameras.

Fortunately, I'm almost done with this first scene, which will be 53 CGs — sending me over my 1000 CG goal!

After lots of procrastinating, I'm finally "waking up" and getting work done. This week, I'm finishing this scene, and hopefully the one after, since it's short.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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