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Catalyst Wake - Update 30

Well, I'm about halfway through creating all the backgrounds I need. I also spent some time in the first part of the week working on another scene, which means Masks now has three scenes complete, out of twelve. The longest scene may be done, but I suspect it will take at least a month to draw the remaining CGs, even if all the backgrounds were done.

It's a good thing I moved that release date!

In other news, I recently decided to enroll in a 15-week online course that starts next year. I joined it totally on a whim, but I think it will be an extremely helpful experience. The course mostly focuses on boarding and storytelling. As I continue to make more projects like Catalyst Wake, which is basically just a super polished storyboard, boarding will become much more of a major part of my workflow. In future projects, I'll need to improve on the acting and expressions, since the characters aren't wearing masks — it's better to rip off the band-aid and start doing that now.

So will taking this class impact the development of my other projects? Yes, most likely. However, I plan to work on Broken Spirits simultaneously, to an extent. There are still a few mysteries for me to outline, which I'd like to finish before I go into production on it. I actually scrapped one of the mysteries I'd written previously and plan to completely redo it. I just want to be sure I don't run into a writer's block during production.

Obviously, I will have more information on when I'll be starting production on Broken Spirits, when Phantom Limb will be out, and what the project I'll be creating for this class is next year.

For now, my work on Catalyst Wake continues... but don't think I've forgotten about Halloween! ;)

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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