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Catalyst Wake - Update 29

The Final Battle Gauntlet is now over.

Yesterday, I finally completed the "Final Battle" sequence that I'd started working on mid-September. It contains 214 CGs and took 27 days to complete, when I account for the days that I was unable to work on it for various reasons.

As usual, I underestimated how many CGs it would be, and how many I could make consecutively. The next time I do a gauntlet, which will be pretty soon, I'll make sure to plan for just a week of dedicated work. It's a lot easier to work really intensely for a short time than to try to stretch out that intensity to a full month.

I'm only 50 CGs away from 1000 CGs in total for all three sequels, and it looks like I'll definitely go beyond that. That was one of my secret goals for this project, and it'll be super exciting to reach it!

While I'm still sure I'll be able to release Catalyst Wake this year, I keep having to push back the release date. Now it's looking more and more like I'll have to release it in late December, which would bump Phantom Limb into 2022. That's probably for the best, but it still bums me out a bit that I was so off the mark with my optimistic release date predictions.

This week, I'll be working on the backgrounds I need to complete all the other scenes in Masks.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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