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Catalyst Wake - Update 27

So, after another week of CGs, it seems I was right on the money with my estimate last week. It will probably take another week to finish the final third of this scene. And remember that this is just one scene — albeit the longest one.

And speaking of how short the game is, that's been on my mind as well, in terms of how to price it. This past week I ran a small poll on Twitter asking people's opinions on how it should be priced. It basically sums up my dilemma.

The votes are perfectly split between $7 and $10 — the two prices that I've been going back and forth on myself.

I'm someone who overthinks the price of my games maybe a bit more than I should. I tend towards undervaluing my games, and Methods' $20 price was sort of an experiment, to force myself out of that mindset.

Steam's cut, taxes, currency conversions, and how you make the majority of your earnings during sales are my main reasons for considering $10.

But when I think about the length of the game and the amount of content, I do feel that $7 is more fair for what you're getting. Right now I'm leaning more towards $7, but I'll probably keep going back and forth up until it's finally released.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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