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Catalyst Wake - Update 24

Production has officially begun on Masks! This week, I completed the first scene, but more importantly, I completed several new models that I'll need for the coming scenes.

I also made notes of the CGs I'd need for the scenes in Masks — the first step in creating a scene. It looks like this:

Instead of sketching out thumbnails of the angles I want, or making a storyboard, I write down a brief description of the angle I want right there in the script. Then I go straight from that to setting up the shots in 3D.

It's a little easier for me to remember what the characters are saying and what they need to do if it's written directly in the script, and it saves me a bit of time.

There are a lot of new backgrounds I'll need to complete Masks, and I'm going to start working on that during the next week. There's a big scene with 170 CGs, and I'm hoping to complete that this month by doing a CG marathon — just like the one I did to finish the Mechora Factory scene in Mist.

I think I'm getting back more of my motivation for this project. I also figured out how I want to rework the fight scene from Summit that I was talking about last week.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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