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Catalyst Wake - Update 23

The music for Summit is now complete! However, I wasn't able to complete the sound effects or implement VO. I kept thinking "Oh, it won't take very long so I have time" and then I suddenly didn't have time anymore.

But it's okay, the truth is, sound and VO doesn't take a long time to implement, I just need to light a fire under my seat to get it done, so to speak. Much like writing, some things are just harder to motivate myself to do.

Unfortunately, after playing through all of Summit, I've realized that a particular fight scene is too short and not as impactful as I want it to be. What's there is serviceable and gets the characters from A to B, but ideally I would add 30-50 CGs to extend the sequence.

For now, I'm going to press forward with the CGs for Masks because CGs are my top priority, and try to implement sound and VO for Summit at the same time. Then, once Masks is complete, I'll revisit that scene in Summit.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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