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Catalyst Wake - Update 22

Summit's CGs are finally complete.

Well, it took much longer than I thought — mostly because I really, really wanted to make sure I had a good 10 Year Anniversary Presentation, and then was able to get that Red July story out before it got too late in the year. But now I'm confident I can finish Summit by the end of the month.

To be honest, I'm currently in a motivation slump, but I think having all those CGs finished is going to be a big boost. Composing music has always been pretty fun for me to do. Adding sound effects and voices is a bit more of a technical task and is not as fun. That's the kind of thing I will probably try to outsource in the future, and I almost did. However, I really wanted to apply the effects to the voices myself so it was consistent with the old animations.

The vocal effects applied to Oliver's new voice are the exact same ones I was using ten years ago!

I've been meaning to mention this, but, in the demo, blood is colored black. I didn't do that to avoid some sort of age rating — it will be rated whatever it is rated. I just thought it'd be cool. However, I think it may be a bit confusing, especially later where the drop of blood falls on Namo's head. It looks more like someone smudged the illustration there. So that's a change I'll be making in the final version.

Sometimes I wonder if developing this horizontally was the right idea. It's a lot more motivating to see everything come together faster, which is why I developed all my games vertically before. I was able to do a more diverse array of tasks as well, which kept things fresh. The way I'm doing it right now, it's a whole lot of making backgrounds, followed by a whole lot of CGs, followed by a whole lot of music, etc. But developing it this way has a lot of upsides as well. I'm sure I'll keep working on that balancing act in future projects.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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