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Catalyst Wake - Update 21

Hello again! This past week, I was able to finish the long sequence near the end of Summit, which means that there's only one scene in Summit left to complete.

I don't know why, but my drawing hand is getting really bent out of shape recently. It's not quite carpal tunnel yet, but while drawing this latest batch of CGs, I often had to stop because of how my hand was seizing up in pain.

I clearly didn't take into consideration how fallible the fleshy confines of this mortal form could be.

This is mostly an issue while sketching on the iPad — not while I'm using the mouse to draw, surprisingly (though it's still a slight issue there as well). If worse comes to worst, I can probably draw directly on the 3D pass instead of making the sketch pass, but I'd like to avoid that. At least the last two weeks of August will be focused on music, sound, and implementing VO, so my hand will get a bit of a rest.

But before that, I have this one last scene, which is what I'm aiming to complete this week. It will be another 30 CGs, so very doable.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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