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Catalyst Wake - Update 11

This week was a classic case of me putting stuff off because "I've got time" — then it turned out, I didn't! But I still got a lot done, starting with Tuesday's cast announcement, which went very well!

I considered spreading out each announcement by a few days, but I'm glad I chose to just announce everybody at once. That way, it felt like a wrap party, and was much more exciting.

Recently I've been watching more videos on how to market your indie game and stuff, which is why I decided to go ahead and put out the Steam/ pages for Catalyst Wake early. Usually I put out the Steam page like a month before release, but apparently, for indie developers, building up as many wishlists as possible before release gives you more of an advantage on launch day — totally obvious in hindsight.

I guess I'm just not the type to buy a game on launch day, so I didn't pay much attention to that before.

Here's the link in case you haven't wishlisted the game yet!

Putting these pages out early felt like a bit of a risk, because I don't have a trailer yet and that's the best way to show what the game is. But I want to have more material before I make a trailer, so I can maneuver around major spoilers.

Yesterday I set a personal record of completing 25 CGs in one day, which took about eight hours to do. 3-4 CGs per hour sounds about right. However, that was my busiest day and I wasn't able to complete all the other scenes I wanted to with everything else going on. So far I have the first scene in Summit's CGs completed, and I'm halfway done with the second one.

This week, my plan is to shift to prep work — modeling backgrounds and characters that I'll need for the next several scenes, and then I'll return to making CGs in the final two weeks of April.

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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