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Catalyst Wake Cast Announcement!

It's time to announce the full cast of Catalyst Wake! I'm so excited to introduce you to the voice actors for Oliver, Namo, Nihility, Arrdo and many more!! Without further ado, let's get to it!


Oliver's used to living by himself, but losing his brother Watch after only just reconnecting has left him truly alone. Now he must team up with unlikely allies in order to reach Arrdo's mechora factory before anyone else.

Working with A.J. was great! He brought so much depth to Oliver — full of impulsive, electric energy in the action-heavy moments, and in the quieter moments, you can really hear the loneliness and pain come through. I think that's so important for Oliver, because his sensitivity and his empathy are part of what makes him stand out as a protagonist. So honored to have A.J. on board!

DAVID J. DIXON is ARRDO | @Shockdingo |

Once Oliver's greatest enemy, and now deceased, Arrdo's formidable presence still remains. You'll have to wait to see what I mean!

David brought a complexity and gravitas to Arrdo that really elevated his scenes. Arrdo was a little one-note in the original animations, but here we see another side of him — one that Oliver had never seen before — and those vulnerable moments is where David's performance really shines I think! Can't wait for everyone to experience it!


Namo is trying to put his life as a Blackguard assassin behind him. Helping Oliver seems like a good way to make amends for the harm he's caused.

In these sequels, we spend a lot of time with Namo and learn more about his philosophy, as he confronts old enemies and tries to stick to his values. Gianni exceeded at conveying those internal struggles. Oliver and Namo's dynamic is crucial to making the story work, and his chemistry with Oliver shone through, despite recording separately! Needless to say, I'm very impressed!

ASHELY BISKI is NIHILITY | @ashethegreat | |

"Collateral damage" is a term that seems to have been invented just for Nihility. She doesn't care how many lives she takes in the pursuit of her target. And right now, her target is Oliver Naut.

Nihility goes through a lot in this story, and Ashely brilliantly portrayed the many twists and turns of the character, and honestly genuinely terrified me at times!! There's one scene in particular at the end that really encapsulates Nihility's entire character and she knocked it out of the park!


Sawbones is the supposedly benevolent leader of Side2, the largest organization. However, his ties to Blackguard — the assassin organization — are an open secret. As arguably the most powerful organization leader, Sawbones has a lot of responsibility to use that power justly, which he feels he does.

Jason was so awesome to work with, and he did a fantastic job as Sawbones! The instant he speaks, you snap to attention — just so much richness and sheer presence in his performance. And yet, even though you're intimidated, you're also a bit charmed — which is exactly what I was going for with the character!

LIZ MOREY is MISTSLAYER | @lizmoreyspeaks |

Mistslayer is a very mysterious character who you will learn more about in Catalyst Wake!

Though obviously I can't talk too much about Mistslayer's role in the story, I can say that Liz's performance perfectly captured the energy I wanted. Their performance is the embodiment of mysteriousness itself — distant, unknowable, and intriguing. (Can you tell I'm trying not to spoil anything? Haha...) They did a great job and were so incredibly cool to work with! Can't wait for people to meet this character!

SEAN CHIPLOCK is MILES | @sonicmega | |

Miles is the new leader of ARRDO — the organization previously run by Arrdo. He loves the death and destruction the Catalysts have caused, because carnage and chaos is so much fun!!

Sean gave a super fun performance as Miles— it perfectly captures the chaotic energy of the character and the more comedic beats were hilarious. But what I really appreciated is the scarier side of it, which Sean conveyed brilliantly. You definitely wouldn't want to be stuck in the same room as Miles haha!

EDWYN TIONG is OXLO | @Omahdon |

Oxlo was Sawbones's loyal elite team commander. He is a very secretive person, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Loved getting to work with Edwyn, and his performance as Oxlo was really cool! The humor he brought to it was great, he was a perfect contrast to *certain wacky characters*. Very subtle delivery — and that makes it so much more enjoyable in my opinion!


Grimalkin is the shady leader of Blackguard, the organization of assassins. Grimalkin is content to pull strings from the shadows, but when he does leap into the fray, he can hold his own.

Alex's performance as Grimalkin is exactly what I had in mind for the character. They gave Grimalkin such a wonderfully slimy quality, it was a joy to listen to. But Grimalkin also shows a little more depth than before, and they portrayed that wonderfully as well!

IVY DUPLER is SABBATICAL | @ivydupler |

Sabbatical is the new leader of Humans in Hiding. She hopes to live up to the careful standards Watch set, but is much more ambitious than he was.

Ivy completely nailed the slightly pedantic tone I had in mind for Sabbatical. She brilliantly portrayed Sabbatical's overeagerness in wanting to prove herself, her disdain for Oliver, and her respect for Watch. I really enjoyed her performance!


Wisher is an A1 tier assassin — the highest rank in Blackguard. Wisher is an unrelenting, unstoppable force. But she's not without mercy: before she kills you, she will try to grant your dying wish.

Su Ling was so perfect as Wisher. I loved her over-the-top energy as the character, I was cracking up. Her delivery was so out-of-the-box and interesting, it surprised me in a good way. And I think it's really cool that Wisher has a Malaysian accent! Can't wait for people to see this character in action, I think she will be a fan favorite for sure!

PHILLIP SACRAMENTO is ROTH | @philinthebooth |

Roth is the newest member of the A1 Tier. He takes a totally opposite approach to Nihility and Wisher, and kills his targets in the least painful way possible. How nice of him!

It was so awesome to work with Phillip, and he did a phenomenal job with this character. There's a particular scene with Roth where he actually made me tear up! And I was super impressed with the range of different voices he's able to do as well!

ALLEN WINTER is AXIS | @AWinterwonder |

Axis is a member of Lilah, and they are just as secretive and mysterious as the organization they are a part of. You'll find out more about them in Catalyst Wake!

Allen was so nice to work with! I loved the "timid but friendly" energy he gave Axis, and he nailed the more comedic moments as well. Axis is a pretty difficult character to pull off because it required a lot of pulling back, going small and subtle with it, and I think Allen did a fantastic job with that!

Catalyst Wake's casting/voice director Anjali Kunapaneni (@hereliesanjali) and I had the pleasure of getting to record all of these wonderful people for the project! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I'm so grateful to have had this experience!

I'm super excited for everyone to see these characters come to life in a whole new way!

Until next time!

— LockedOn.

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